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The May 10th - 18th 2020 retreat registration is OPEN. To receive more information about the event, please email Katia.

What to expect at the retreat


To make this special event not only exciting but also relaxing and pleasant, we have decided to keep the group number fairly small, about the size of a normal felting class, with a total of 12 people. This is also because we will have two luxury villas at our disposal, each of which can comfortably house six people, along with two sailboats, each capable of carrying up to 10 people, and two vans, with which we will be conducting our excursions! That's not all, of course.


We will have an exceptional chef, who will prepare your orders from a carefully selected menu, keeping your preferences in mind, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our chef specializes in Eastern European, Mediterranean, and local cuisine of the Canary Islands, and possesses a background in exclusive group vacations. She gathers all of the ingredients from the local farmer’s markets, which are known for their locally grown produce and meats, and freshly caught local fish and seafood. The diverse collection of wines is an indispensable part of the local culture, and they are very inexpensive.


The island itself contains a vast array of dining places, and aside from our at-home breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, you will get a chance to visit these restaurants. Some of these visits planned on the days of our excursions. Any hours outside of the ones we dedicate to studio work and planned activities are yours to do with as you please. The villas are located in one of the fanciest parts of the island, with all of the promenades, beaches, shops, and restaurants in a short walk from the doors of your temporary home.


Arrival and departure dates


The arrival day is May 10th, and the departure is May 18th.  If you wish to stay on the island a few more days, we will help with further accommodation (lovely condo in luxury condo complex for 60 Euro a day), and help you to get best rates on car rental.

More information about arrival and departure here:


Our excursions












May 11th. Tour on Mt. Teide (an excursion to the third largest volcano in the world at 3718 m). Teide is not merely a symbol of Tenerife, and not just a national park and preserve. It is the spirit of the island. On Teide, you will find age-old parts of the island from the moment of its birth. Who knows, perhaps this could be the tip of a sunken Atlantis? We begin our ascent to Teide by visiting Vilaflor. Here, you might take your first magical photographs. As we scale the elevation, the views become more impressive, turning to full-on joy as we reach our target - the crater itself. Several stops at a few vista points later, we will navigate towards the town of La Laguna. The road, a light serpenting winding way, will take us through a gorgeous pine forest, one that is docile enough to even traverse in house slippers due to its cleanliness. Here we can observe the endemic 800-year old pines of the Canary Islands, and marvel at the immense size. We will visit the Las Cañadas del Teide National Park, volcano, and the alien-like landscapes it has created, walking along an almost lunar valley, a place where many film scenes have taken place. In 2007, Teide National Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Further on, we continue our journey through the aromatic eucalyptus and pine forest of called Bosque de la Esperanza. It is almost literally "walking on clouds", since the peak of the volcano towers above them at over 2000 m. You will catch a glimpse of the neighboring islands and feel the magical atmosphere of Tenerife. And here, we reach the former capital of the island, and perhaps the most beautiful town here - La Laguna. After a short stroll through its old streets, we will head to one of the most magical places on the island - the northeastern part, a little-known one to tourists, but even more so enigmatic and attractive. El Monasterio San Pedro is a landmark of unique architecture and history. A while ago, it was home to monks who propagated grapes and livestock. They created some of the best wine from their harvests, which continue to be legendary in these parts. Surrounding the monastery is a picturesque view, hosting a variety of fauna to this day. The monastery is also host to a couple of restaurants, with local delicacy and wine tastings from the monastery reserves.














May 16th. The date may change depending on the best weather choice. Ocean trip on luxury sailboats Brittany and Aleal.

Our professional and friendly Skippers will show you the best views of Tenerife, and the most amazing wildlife of our Ocean. Not only do they command the local yacht fleet, but the sea itself! This comes as no surprise, as it is an accumulation of over 20 years of experience from traveling various countries, operating yachts of different models and sizes. Food and drinks will be available onboard, in complete harmony with nature, at one of the most beautiful seas of the word on the South Coast of Tenerife to visit whales, dolphins, and sea turtles in their natural environment.


Studio time and a free day


Four full felting days, 6-7 hours a day, will allow us to create our gorgeous pieces inspired by the beauty of the island and our fantastic adventures. We will start with a variety of surface design samples based on our collected sketchbook treasures and will learn unique, innovative techniques. After that, you will have a choice of making a light garment or textile art piece.


One free day for your own special time, shopping, dining, adding finishing touches to your work, enjoying sunset on the beach, or simply have some rest, fun and laughter time with friends by the pool.


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