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What to Bring


The weather on Tenerife is usually so pleasant that you would probably not need to bring a great deal of clothing. Of course, bringing your most comfortable walking shoes and warm jacket (for the trip to Teide)  is a good idea. If you have sneakers with white soles, bring them. Our sailboats have white decks, and our captains will ask you to travel barefoot unless you came prepared. And don’t forget your swimsuit, our villas have pools, and the beach is near there too.


All of the class supplies, meaning the high-quality Australian Merino processed in Europe, hand-dyed organic Uzbek silk, a variety of plant-based fibers, felting supplies, and such will all be provided for your use. The necessary equipment will be free of charge, and the materials will be available for sale at very affordable regular prices. Bring your favorite felting tools, like felting stones or palm washboards, etc.

You will also be receiving complimentary sketchbooks, markers, and colored pencils for your sketches and notes of the lasting impression and effect this place will have on your creativity. 

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