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Marbelous Felting™ tool

If I had to choose only one tool, it would be this one.
Once upon a time, on the cusp of this century, I searched for a good glass washboard but couldn't find one. I crafted my own using a cutting board, glass pebbles, and epoxy glue. I later recommended making this DIY glass pebble board to my students because of its exceptional performance. Soon after, trays and hand tools with glass pebbles adhered to the surface emerged. The effortless gliding of glass pebbles over wet wool or wet silk made it apparent that smooth glass is the most suitable material for a nuno-felting tool. Working with such a tool is easy, pleasant, and highly efficient. During one of my workshops, a participant presented me with a homemade tool crafted by her husband; that tool had glass marbles recessed into specially drilled holes. Since then, all my creations have been made with the assistance of that tool. It has become a favorite and popular aid among my workshop participants. Some of you who attended my classes or retreats may fondly remember this instrument.
Online students have observed this tool in my video lessons, and at last, the time has arrived when I can offer a similar tool to you, too. Crafted from high-quality materials, it is a waterproof and incredibly sturdy instrument that will serve many years, if not eternity. Its bumpy yet super-smooth surface is ideal for felting and nuno-felting. Additionally, it has the perfect weight—not too light, so you don't need extra effort while working, aiding in achieving the best results quickly.
This listing is ready to ship.

Dimensions:  5 3/4" X 2 3/4" X 1 1/8"

                           14.7cm X 7cm X 2.8cm

Weight:            8.3 oz   or   235 g
Every tool is one of a kind and handmade with love and care by my husband, Serge. He can make a 'lefty' tool specially and only for you if you work with your left hand. To order it, follow the link

Marbelous Felting™ tool

Color combination: White with black marbles
will be made and shipped within two weeks after purchase
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