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Pamela A. MacGregor's Felt Helper™ tool

This simple but very effective tool will help you harden, sculpt, and mend holes in your felt. The Felt Helper is developed and endorsed by Pamela A. MacGregor, a renowned felt artist, sculptor, and teacher,

We also use it to mend holes or thin spots during most stages of felting and fulling.

Cut 1/4 inch pieces of wool and place them on the area to be repaired. Lay the mosquito netting down, sprinkle water and a 'blob' of soap, smooth with your hands, and roll Felt Helper on the area using continuous pressure in alternating directions. Be sure to lift the net up occasionally and repeat if necessary.

This seemingly simple method is surprisingly effective. The ribbed plastic on the tool's surface is not too smooth and does not slip out while rolling on a soapy surface. It is a waterproof and long-lasting little helper. We hope you enjoy using this tool.


Tool dimensions:

diameter 1 1/2"

length 3 5/8"

9" x 18" piece of mosquito netting is included.


Pamela A. MacGregor's Felt Helper™ tool

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