Mesmerizing Patterns, 5 weeks, July 19 - August 22

If you have already taken the Structural and Textural course and want to go further and master your new skills, this is the class for you! I will share my signature techniques secrets with you. In my latest works, surface patterns occur in the form of multiple repetitive elements. They grow smaller, larger, change their vertical or horizontal positioning, and they are all connected to each other, and they are codependent. It's interesting how we come across these patterns everywhere in nature: seed pods, blossom clusters, reptile skins, fish scales, and much more.

This class introduces a unique and innovative approach to the felt fabric structure. It takes it all on an even more advanced level, and it's a truly unique collection of my newly developed techniques. It's is an advanced-level class, and I highly recommend first taking the Structural and Textural Methods.

Supplies and tools

• Table (an average kitchen table, or foldable table, or desk)
• Soft plastic sheeting (similar to painter's drop), ideally 2 mil but can be thinner (please do not confuse mil with mm – millimeters, mil measures plastic weight), about 2 square meters/yards
• Bubble wrap enough to cover your felting table, plus two additional pieces about 30" X 30" (or 80 cm X 80 cm)
• Watering device (ball brause), a squirt bottle of a choice
• Container for water/soap solution (small bucket)
• Natural liquid soap (clear, biodegradable, and eco-friendly dish soap is the best); your favorite soap bar as well, but we will mainly use water/soap solution
• Pool noodle about 2' long, or wood dowel
• Elastic ties for rolling