Garment Making Intermediate, 12 weeks, September 27 - December 19

There are three big garment projects, printable patterns, a great amount of information, and advanced garment-felting techniques!

This course is for experienced felters; to prepare for it, I highly recommend taking Introduction to felted Garment Making or, at least, Structural and Textural course.

The Hooded Vest project is an excellent warm-up for the two following elaborate garments of the course. You will learn a fun and alternative way to make vests (or capes and ponchos if you wish) with hoods of any desirable shape! The focus of this project is on the hood, armholes, and edges.

The Boucle Jacket is a close-fitting but comfy garment, with a small collar and attached sleeves. You will learn the particular nuances of sleeve attachment during the felting process. The pattern is for a hip-length garment, a flattering length that would not cover the bottom. This pattern is drafted considering the layout technique that allows silhouette adjustments if required.

The third project is a roomy and cozy garment, with a large and soft collar and kimono sleeves.

This project's focus is the pockets - large and functional inset pockets that will not stretch out the fronts or protrude awkwardly. These pockets will look pretty and professionally done.

All the patterns are included (printable) and come in sizes XS to XXL and in two different SR (for more experienced or less experienced felters).


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Garment Making Intermediate, 12 weeks, September 27 - December 19