Margilan silk, gauze - 1 yard, not dyed

This silk is woven in Uzbekistan on small manufacture, on the electrical looms that are still operated by female workers. The cocoons were locally sourced, and processed into thread traditional way, with no 'modern' big industry technologies involved. This silk is authentic Margilan silk made by the leading local manufacturer, with all the best standards applied. The width of this fabric is 65 cm or 25.6 inches; the weight is 6.5 grams per yard (with the width 25.6''), it's 3.5 momme silk. 

This fabric is closer-weaved compared to the sparse gauze, and it makes beautiful nuno texture without effort. It is sturdy enough for the top-stove immersion dyeing method, it takes dye beautifully, and can be machine washed! 

It stands out from others with its softness, lightweight feel, and shine.

Margilan silk, gauze - 1 yard, not dyed

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