garment making, intermediate

Putting forth your wishes into consideration, in this "Garment Making, Intermediate" class, together we will produce several articles of clothing, ranging from simple to complex, including sleeves. collars, hoods, and so on. All felting patterns will be included and printable on ordinary household printers. This class is only for felters already experienced in garment making! Excellent preparation for this course could be the Structural and Textural class, or Introduction to Felted Garment Making which will commence June 9th 2020.


                                                          Course Plan

Week 1


As always, we will begin our lessons with preparations. Despite the fact that our projects are geared towards more experienced felters, a warm-up to refresh our knowledge will help us in the coming weeks.

The tasks of the first week will include:

- taking a few measurements in order to get a pattern of the correct size;

- instructions for printing the patterns on an average printer, for our lessons; it would be ideal if everyone could print out the pattern (for week 2) sometime during this week, so that fewer difficulties or similar questions arise during the printing of the rest of the patterns.

- selecting materials (by color and suitability) and the creation of samples, following my instructions. We will choose the most successful and suitable ones for our projects.


Weeks 2 and 3


A hooded vest. The project for these two weeks is a great warm-up for consequent, complex garments of the following weeks. You will learn a fun and alternative way to make vests (or capes and ponchos if you wish) with hoods of any desirable shape! The focus of this project is on the hood, armholes, and edges.


Weeks 4 and 5


A loose-fitting coat with kimono sleeves, large collar and inset pockets. The focus of this project is on the collar, inset pockets, and edges.


Weeks 6, 7, and 8


A close-fitting coat with attached sleeves, hood, or collar. The focus of this project is on the shape of the close-fitting garment, sleeves and shoulders, and hood or collar.


Week 9


The final week when you can ask questions, whether related or additional, and share your results, as well as make finishing touches.



The Garment Making, Intermediate course will begin on September 15th, 2020.

The list of materials and supplies is on the Online Classes page of this website.



garment making, intermediate

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